About us

About Our Company

Potential staffing Africa is the largest and fastest-growing online talent measurement solution provider globally that has been at the forefront of online assessment technology since its inception in 2015. We enable organizations to build winning teams by taking credible candidates across two key areas: Talent Acquisition and Development. We are based in African countries with over 2000 clients.

Potential Staffing Africa is a leading provider of web-based pre-employment testing, recruitment, and training services. When getting the staff for you we consider how they will achieve your objective. Our passion is to make high-quality candidate testing solutions and analysis accessible to companies of all sizes.

Applicant Tracking system
  • Powerful Sourcing Tool
  • Pool of Talented Applicants
  • Talent Acquisition system
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Advanced hiring Analytics
  • Pre-employment competency Tests
  • On-job coaching and training
Recruitment/Talent sourcing
  • Lower, Mid-level, and senior management recruitment
  • Headhunting.
  • Cv Screening
Employee background checks
  • Identity checks
  • Education checks
  • Employment history
  • Professional check
  • Criminal check
  • Financial Management and Internal controls
  • Sales generation and Marketing
  • Receivables and Debt collection
  • Customer care skills and administration
  • Team building, leadership, and communication skills
  • Training
  • Audit preparation
Employment compliance
  • Statutory compliance audit.
  •  Audit against best industry practice.
  •  Policy and procedure formulation.
  •  HR Technical assistance.

HR Analytics, performance management and talent development

HR consulting services
  • Salary Survey
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement survey
  • Job analysis & Evaluation
  • HR Audit
  • HR Systems, Policies and procedures.

ISO Consultation services

  • 123,012 Jobs Added
  • 123,022 Active Resumes
  • 123,042 Positions Matched