Setting SMART Goal is a strong and effective way to begin effecting change in your own life or in your community.
Remember, SMART Goals are:
S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Relevant
T – Time-bound

Step 2: Take Action
Once you have set a goal – especially if it is a SMART Goal – the next step is taking action toward accomplishing that goal. True empowerment implies taking action and having an impact.Yes, taking action sometimes requires taking a risk. You may need to remind yourself that the possibility of failure to achieve your goal this time does not actually mean failure in the long term.Practice getting into the mindset that if you fail, you will be okay and that you will simply learn from any mistakes and try again.Taking action may also require practicing or learning a new skill or knowledge set. Be sure to incorporate acquiring skills and knowledge into this SMART Goal or a previous one.
Step 3: Assess Your Impact
Assessing your impact may seem like a less important step in achieving personal empowerment.
However, the time that you spend reflecting on your goal, your actions, and the impacts of your actions is critical to increasing your confidence and competence. If you have been effective in achieving your goals and having an impact, reflection can also help you to feel more assertive and
But what happens if you don’t achieve your goal? Or what if the goal you reach has unintended or impacts or does not achieve the impact you expected? Does failure contribute to a lack of empowerment?

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